>Heading to Southern Colombia and The Billy Upskie Travel Bet)

I have been in the Casa del Sol hostel in Medellin now for about four months. I have been working in the hostel, mostly cleaning and joking around with my new friends German, Emmanuel, Lili and Vivi amongst many others.

My visa is going to expire soon so I am going to make my way down through southern Colombia and into Ecuador for a little while. I have been advised not to visit certain places in the southern part of Colombia because people have told me that they are dangerous, but if I would have listened to that type of advice I never would have visited Colombia in the first place. I am not afraid of anyplace or anyone. That is the attitude I must maintain because I want to experience this journey in a meaningful way. I want to see life and how it is lived, and just like Upski from the book ´No More Prisions,´ if nothing happens to me I challenge all of you to visit a “dangerous” area: a country, a neighborhood, or state of mind that resides outside of your comfort zone. In order to begin changing our ideas about racism, poverty, and classism we must unify and learn from one another. We must integrate, associate, laugh, cry, love and attempt to dance salsa together in order to break down the walls that line Division Street.

If all goes according to plan I will visit the departments of Choco, Quindio,Valle de Cauca, Cauca, Nariño and Puntamayo. For those who aren´t aware, there is 4 decade long civil war going on in the country. In the parts of the country that I will be visiting there is still a lot of fighting going on between government forces, the FARC , paramilitaries and narco-traffickers. The port city of Buenaventura is currently the most dangerous city in Colombia. The guerrillas fight over parts of the city with the military for access to vital drug routes to Central America and the US. The area is home to the 60th, 8th, 21st, 30th and 2nd fronts of the FARC. To be referred to as front it must have 150 active combatants. It will definitely be the most ¨unstable¨ region I have ever visited in the world, as if any region in the world is really that stable. One look at the current state of the US economy is proof of this. So onward I march, open to make new friends and speak with anyone who wants to have conversation.

So here goes, do you dare? Let me in on your stories if you do!

stay tuned for updates….


2 Responses to >Heading to Southern Colombia and The Billy Upskie Travel Bet)

  1. Bryan Bluth says:

    >ryan I love your blog. Keep posting on your journey. What an amazing life experience. Hope you are healthy and coming back one day. Peace and love – Bryan

  2. Chris Purkey says:

    >god damnit yoda. this is awesome.

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