>Salsa, Salsa, Salsa. Oh and Buenaventura

>I left Medellin almost two weeks ago and made a quick stop in Manizales for two nights before heading to Cali where I spent a week in what could arguably be called the Salsa capital of South America. Salsa, Salsa, Salsa…….. I attempted to dance at the famous Changos but was mostly laughed at by my new Caleño friends. I had an amazing halloween eve with some locals and met a really nice Peruvian guy named Jose who has been traveling for over two years and has visited close to 70 countries.

I left Cali three days ago and arrived at the notorious port-city of Buenaventura on a cramped and speedy bus in the sultry soaked evening where I was instantly greeted and helped by a friendly local named Jonathan.

Buenaventura is a story all its own but will have to wait for now. I will be back soon with some interesting stories amd hopefully some fotos.

To give you all a feel for Buenaventura, here is an article about the city that ran in the New York Times a few months back.



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