>"Or Does it Explode"


“Or does it explode?”*
The people are angry. The powder keg that the capitalist class in France is sitting on is ready to explode.
The French people will be out in vast numbers tomorrow to express their resistance to President Sarkozy’s efforts to undemocratically alter the pension system, changing the retirement age from 60 to 62. Even though his party, the Union for a Popular Movement, controls the two houses in government, which enables him to pass his proposed reforms,he is seen as illegitimate by many of the French people. Polls in France place the vast majority of people against the President and with the protesting masses. The refinery workers, train operators, garbage collectors, and now students, all directly oppose the austerity measures that aim to decrease the country’s debt.
“Or does it explode?”
The French ruling bourgeoisie doled out billions of dollars to French banks and now it wants the people to foot the bill for the crisis that they played not part in creating! If this seems insane it’s because it is. Just as many banks here have restored their rates of profit while the government has turned to the working class to bear the burden of the upper class’ irresponsibility, so too has the situation replicated itself in France. The only difference is the French people are actually resisting in great strides the unjust policies of the government. The president seems to think what he is doing is in the public interest and the public think he is acting in contrary to the interests of the poor and working classes, which he clearly is.
Despite the many differences between the various unions and syndicates in France, the workers must continue to call for a massive general strike! The workers must prove their mettle against the right wing financiers that protect the very ones that created the global capitalist crisis in the first place.
Hopefully, it will explode in a grandeur gesture to illustrate that people will resist no matter the cost!
*The title of this entry a reference, a remission if you will, to the famous poem by one of the pioneers of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes. The title of the poem is “A Dream Deferred.” The great Howard Zinn also used the same title to a chapter in his famous book “A People’s History of the United States.” Consider it an homage to those two great men.

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