>Viva Wikileaks!!!


On Friday 22nd of October the whistleblowing organization known as Wikileaks released the largest classified military intelligence leak in U.S. history. The leak is known as the Iraqi War Diaries, which comprises nearly 400,000 documents from U.S Army on daily occurrences in the country from 2004-2009. This comes after the July release of nearly 80,000 documents about the war and occupation in Afghanistan. Each report is known as a “SIGACT,” (significant action in the war). The reports document everything form criminal events, demolitions, murder, tribal feuds, enemy action, among many other categories. The reports also document case by case the 285,000 thousand casualties and more than 15,000 thousand civilian casualties that were not previously mentioned in any U.S. media report. The reports detail the complacency of the U.S. military in the torture of thousands of Iraqis, a sort of torture rendition if you will; the voracious actions of U.S. military contractors, the everyday horror and fear that Iraqis live under, as well countless other tragic realities of war.

The release of these reports is quintessential to the denouncement of war and the transparency of government actions. In an era when most major media outlets focus more on who Tiger Woods slept with or what hooker Charlie Sheen banged in a New York hotel room journalism like this is vital because it forces the issue upon us. However, if the media does not extensively report on these issues then it will be as if they never happened. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are disastrous and tragic for all involved and the exposure of classified documents on the true nature of the Pentagon and the U.S. military at large will help in our defense of the countless Iraqis and Afghans that have been affected by the wars as well as the soldiers that have been torn up by these conflicts.

Democracy Now! interviews Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange:


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