>Wikileaks, "Big Brother is watching, so are we"

>In case you are completely apathetic to what is going on in the world-which you very well could be, hence all of the heinous, illegal, and criminal action that the US government carries out all over the world- then you have probably heard about the latest trove of information that Wikileaks has recently made public. On November 28th it leaked a quarter of a million classified US embassy cables into the public domain.

These cables are important because they explicitly demonstrate the blatant contradictions of US foreign policy and government writ at large. It is clearly no surprise to many people that politicians are dirty, corrupt and dishonest, but much of what is contained in the cables is irrevocable proof of these contradictions. “Cablegate,” as it is being called, illustrates the hatred for democracy that those in power have. The time has far eclipsed us in our quest to expose all of the morally reprehensible actions of this government and we now possess the technology to help tip the scales. Wikileaks, and similar whistle blowing organisations and people, need the support of all that believe in not only frees speech and democracy, but in peace and accountability.