>A Glimpse of War: The Medevacs of the US Army’s 214th Aviation Regiment


His name is Tyrone Jordan and he is one of the medevacs in this short documentary. His humanity shines through in this video and it is so unfortunate that he is in the situation he is in. Caught in the gears of an unjust and failing war effort. I hope he makes it home.

One cannot help but to empathize with the medevacs in this video and hope that they will one day not have to evacuate another dead soldier or civilian. The people, mostly kids and innocent civilians, did not make me any safer through their sacrifice. Their deaths only exacerbate the problems that the US faces abroad. I cannot help but to watch this video and think about how many people have died in vain.

The fact that I was so shocked by some of the imagery is proof of the extent to which the mainstream media has glossed over the realities of the war.

It is impossible to “defeat the terrorists” by bombing people and destroying an already war torn country. Don’t be surprised when there is another terrorist attack here in the US. War creates terrorists and inhumanity breeds inhumanity. Yeah, I know, it’s a vicious cycle….


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