The Walking Dead #100


There was a great deal of hype built up leading to the release of The Walking Dead #100 and as it turns out it was well deserved. Those that have followed the comic from the beginning know that it has had plenty of drama and flesh devouring violence to satisfy the most macabre horror hounds. And it is this human drama that has time and time again made the hyper-violence and gore all the more significant, and therefore not gratuitous to any extent.

Negan and Company

Rick and his inner core of followers are tough as hell and have survived the most desperate and destitute of situations. From The Governor’s sadism on Michonne and Rick, to the crazed cannibals in “Fear the Hunters,” Rick and the others have proven that they are not to be fucked with– until now that is. Enter Negan, he is shaping up to be one of the most villainous and powerful survivors that Rick and his cadre have hitherto encountered. Just when you think the Governor’s magnitude cannot be matched we have one of the most cherished characters getting his face turned into ground zombie slough.

It was unclear to many what issue 100 was going to entail. Many were most definitely expecting more of a panoramic of bloodshed, but instead we were thrust into an intimate and brutal execution of one of our favorite personalities, Glenn. In a post-apocalyptic world Glenn has often been the source of humor and affection, as well as a new found father to be, it makes his death all the more powerful and heart-wrenching. When he is savagely beaten to death by Lucille, the barbwire wrapped baseball bat, Negan does it in such a way that one can only cringe at the normality with which Negan kills him. It was quite honestly hard to read, especially when he is uttering Maggie’s name right before Lucille and Negan kiss him in the jaw.

One can only anxiously anticipate what is going to happen next, and that is what comics are all about. Will Rick and the others be enslaved by Negan? Everyone knows that will not end well for Rick because he is the undisputed alpha-dog. How about Michonne? Who is she going to wreak vengeance on? Will the hilltop acquiesce or revolt? And what about that asshole with the half burnt face? I am sure we have not seen the last of him. Now that Kirkman and Adlard have everyone even emotionally invested with issue 100, the assault on Andrea and the others might prove to be even more sinister. These are the questions that make this the best selling indie comic in a long time. At a solid 380k sellout of the first printing the future is bright for The Walking Dead and other creator driven projects.